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    So who is still in the underclass business? I am going strong. Made it thru the pandemic and hoping for a normal 2022-23 season.

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    WELL????? I've never been I the Under Class business. I have always been a "Non Contract" Senior photographer. But for the last 2 years, it has SUCKED BIG TIME!!!! Lately, I have noticed it's much, MUCH better!!!! Kirk
    Redheaded Johnson


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      Still alive and kicking. Decided a few years ago to slow down a bit. I've bled a few schools off. (Also downsized housing) Have 6 schools spread across 2 districts...4 of the buildings are less than 3 miles from me...other two another 5 miles. Work maybe 6 months a year, and try to travel as much as possible the other 6
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        Covid changed things for me big time, I no longer have employees. I have just enough business to keep me busy.