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  • Thank You Cards

    I had a bride over to pick up her engagement prints and she mentioned seeing some thank you cards with images of the bride and groom.

    The thank you cards that I am aware of are generally very small, perhaps too small for a printer? Does any one have any experience with this? It seems like it might be a nice thing to be able to provide.

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    Phaser Printer To The Rescue


    That's where the free color printer I posted info comes in! Simply create a template for two or four cards on an 8.5x11 paper, drop in the couple's name/photo and print on 87# Exact Bristol from your office supply store. What a great incentive to get couples to book with you on their first appointment.

    Anyone wanting more info on the free color printer program can still e-mail me at [email protected].


    Mark Madere


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      Reception Cards

      Roger here is example of what we do for each of our weddings.
      We give them 50 of these cards to put on the reception table, hand out with programs etc, whatever they want to use them for.
      We book at least one wedding at each of the wedding we do because they have our card.

      We do those as part of the wedding package, if they want thank you cards we do something similar, but with picture of the bride and groom.


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        Thank You Cards

        Roger...I give the bride 100 wallets of herself that I took during her bridal sitting. My name and phone # are imprinted on them.
        I let Miller's Lab print and die cut them. Cost less than $20.
        Women will put wallets in their purse and carry them for years.
        I've photographed children and relatives years after the wedding that called because they had my card.
        I make a big deal about how her guest at the wedding will thank her for her thoughtfulness.
        This kind of added value incentive pays...pays...pays...



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          Get thee to your nearest paper supply house and look at a product from WILLIAMHOUSE "Embassy #302" Brilliant White Announcements. They are approximately 5 x6 when folded. They are a nice heavy paper stock with the watercolor frayed edge. And are packaged with an inside envelope, an outside envelope and the card stock. You cost is about a quarter per set. I use them for note cards, thank you cards, whatever. I print thm on an Epson 1270 right now, but I am investigating the "free printer" Mark mentioned.

          Check'em out. You'll like them.



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            Thanks everyone. I've given out the free wallets and I agree it makes sense. I'm off to look at Ray's suggestion (thanks a lot) as I think the cards are a bit more upscale.

            Thanks again


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              Here's one better, or at least for us.

              We will print wallets from the engagement session, imprint with couples name, wedding date, thankyou etc.

              Print out the same amount attending reception. They place each wallet on their quests dinner plate, hole punched in the corner with a bag of mints. (They do that part)

              On the back of each wallet is our studio name/address/phone, etc.

              We charge the bride/groom full amount for the wallets, however we will rebate them 50% of this cost if we manage to get a future booking for a wedding as a direct result from these wallets.

              Works great, the couple wants back the 50% & they encourgage friends/relatives to book us for their upcoming wedding.

              Try it out.....

              Trying to figure a way of doing this with our Senior Wallets.


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                Go and buy John Hartman's Quickmats. He has a template & ways to customize them, to make some really cool greeting cards. They are especially nice with the phasers
                The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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                  thank you notecards

                  You might try, they offer some really nice notecards as well as printing on watercolor paper.