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    Which is best, or none of the three.

    I would have thought this market would have matured by now, everyone seems to have complaints with online viewing.

    Is there anyone who is happy with their server, who likes the price, quality, and service.


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    I have said that collages was great but thought that it didn't make money. Forget that. Over $600 this week alone !!!!

    The interface ROCKS. I would give you the code to a wedding, but I don't know how to get into it. (We are very compartmentalized in our business and that is my wifes area.)


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      I am comparing proshots with collages.

      Proshots BIGGEST downfall was that they did not send emails in a timely manner that you had an order. Sometimes it was over a month!!!


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        I love Collages.

        The interface, as Eric said, is very impressive.

        If you want to see an event you can check out

        Click View Events

        Pick one and the password is 5084

        My 2 cents,

        Michael Barrett- Forever Odd


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          I wanted to bring this back up since I just got the lowdown on the newest direction is going and to say the least I am more excited about this added to my wedding and portrait business than anything in a long time.

          They now have a FULL PROFESSIONAL LAB with over 50 years of experience on board with them (Collages Color) so not only can you continue to do what your doing now with online uploading and order but you can also let Collages Print your orders, mail your order directly to your clients and in the process STILL be IN CONTROL over your work.

          So many options it is nearly endless to type up but here are some major advantages of all others out there on the net.

          New Collages Desktop Software
          • Provides full administrative functionality for websites and fulfilments
          • True end to end workflow solution with seamless fulfillment to Collages Color
          • Easy to use software for uploading (and I mean EASY) much faster than the current Net
          • FLEXIBLE - You can do it all orgainzing yourself (express) or Collages can do some of the work or all of the work for you (full service) or anything in between.
          • The new software allows you to be completely in control of every aspect of your job, including emails sent to your clients, yes you can set it up where they don't send them, or if they do send them you can customize the email to your needs
          • Make your own price lists fully custom
          • Gift Cert.
          • Sales (ie: first 2 weeks session is online give 10% off, last 2 weeks its online, spend $200 get $20 off) You can create sales for each event and as many as you want going on at the same time.
          Collages Color has quality images truly impressive and has all the option of any other lab has out there with prices better or just as good as the best labs in the country. Its not crapy cheap paper with crapy color and finishes. Fast turnaround times, convenient shipping options, over 50 years of printing experience with three US locations, simply top notch all the way around.

          Consumer site which your clients view is simply the best out there and coming this week gets even better.
          • EZ to use site, intuitive
          • Flash presentation
          • Online music selection
          • Folders can be created by guest to hold images
          • Private client area to collaborate with photographer
          • Automated fulfillment right from the site
          FAST payment, every Friday directly deposited in your account. However this is tricky and gets some photographers mad simply cause they do not understand the system. To get paid you must go in and switch your account to shipped then the computer system knows the order is filled and to send the money to your account that next Friday.

          Don't want to use Collages Color - Fine don't, I use another lab myself for many of my products I order ( is partnered with the best and greatest labs in the country, and if your lab is not on the list but has ROE's ordering system you can order through them and just use Collages as an upload and advertising expense.

          WOW sorry to type so much but seriously since I started using the right way, meaning I learned what it could do for me and how to push people to my website, viewing my work on the way to where the client sees a second to none visual display of your work it truly has raised my business to the next level. Now I am to a point I don't care if I sale a single print from to me it is $70 a month for unlimited uploading of images in the form of advertisment for my business. I make events for my vendors to see their work at weddings, I make sessions for my HighSchool Seniors, Commerical, Weddings, EVERYTHING and everyone has to go through my site first to see the images, which gets me a ton of hits and a ton of new clients.

          This desktop software coming out is truly going to change my online hosting experience and workflow, I have so many options now from complete control over EVERYTHING, the images so I can PS them, the spam/emails they send to my clients, the orders and how they are filled, I mean everything and its all done for the same price per month no matter which way you want to go. Of course there are smaller monthly packages but for me if I did more than two events a month, which I do, it makes no sense to go with the other options. I have gotten so much business from using Collages the $70 a month is the best advertising espense I have ever spent.

          OK I have taken up enough time here, I am excited and I don't get excited over much. with this new software simply has put the rest of the online companies in the dust for me and my business it is a no-brainer they are the best option to go with.

          I did not want this to turn into a Ford/Chevy - Nikon/Canon thing or an ad spill just something I wanted to pass on to this forum which works for me and works for my business very well. Look at all the options and choose which works best for YOUR business, all I can say is I promise you is WELL worth the money in my business with the results I now get with them.

          PM me and I can go over more details if your interested. Along with sign up discounts, etc.
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            I just joined with I like that it is a flat fee and no charges taken out of my sales. those are MY sales.I don't want to say that I lose a ?% of every order and have to mark up for that. A little bit of time needed to set up but very flexible with discounts and such and it can look just like your website, not a different color and background etc. I looked and evaluated all and found them to be the best value. $49 / month for up to 2500 then about 7.50 for 500 more images. Not bad. Every sale I keep 100% of. You can have different pricings for wedding, seniors, portraits. The customer can choose favorites. You can have a set date that the event closes so orders have to be done by that date. Very good.


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              Let me also add cause after reading this it sounds like I am a salesman for them, WHICH I AM NOT!


              They just use my images after asking me and of course I am going to let them. It is just a company which has helpped me so much and I know this forum is full of people like I was several years ago. Knowing how to use a camera but lost lost lost in the business aspects of wedding and photography in general.

              I am not trying to sell this product I truly could care less if anyone goes with them, I just know it worked for my business and I only push things that work for me directly and their new products and ColorLab simply has excited me and as I said before I don''t get excited over much anymore!


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                The CS at collages often makes me nuts! However, they have the best product out there and are always improving it to the point where I can not imagine using anyone else. Thanks for the heads up on what's up and coming. Can't wait.

                I also agree that the number of people Collages drives to my site is worth well over the $70/ month.

                Michael Barrett- Forever Odd


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                  Collages hands down!!!! HOWEVER, I'm one who's a tad bit nervous about all the lab stuff Collages is introducing. My fear would be that they'll become just like Pictage . . .sending e-mails to all those who logged in to view a wedding letting them know all the pics are half price for a limited time without your even being aware of the e-mail. That's why I left Pictage. I want to be in control of my images, not pass it off to a third party. I'll be watching Collages closely to see which direction they go . . .and crossing my fingers all the while

                  Kind Regards


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                    I had tried photoreflect for a couple events, but their user interface irks me. I reported a bug in their website months ago, where if you switch from one event category to another via a drop-down box, the count of the images in the category never refreshes. So if I switch from a category with 10 images to a category with 90 images, it still thinks there are 10 images and it only allows you to view 10 images. Customers may be missing out on viewing pictures if they are looking through them this way....and it's still not fixed. I know how to program websites and I know how easy it is to fix little bugs like this. It really shouldn't take this long.


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                      Originally posted by Billie London-Khan
                      Collages hands down!!!! HOWEVER, I'm one who's a tad bit nervous about all the lab stuff Collages is introducing. My fear would be that they'll become just like Pictage . . .sending e-mails to all those who logged in to view a wedding letting them know all the pics are half price for a limited time without your even being aware of the e-mail. That's why I left Pictage. I want to be in control of my images, not pass it off to a third party. I'll be watching Collages closely to see which direction they go . . .and crossing my fingers all the while

                      Kind Regards
                      Simply not going to happen Billie and I tell you why. After listening directly from the CEO and COO of the company and knowing what they want for the company and knowing that the lab they have is a true professional lab and not one that just prints images and knowing that you will ALWAYS be in charge of your images, the pricing and the sales they will NEVER tell you what to do with them. I even brought up this point you meantioned in the meeting and they said there is no way they will ever set a sale on my work, they built in the option where I can control sales or give-a-ways if I want but they will not force you to sale anything you dont want too.

                      Honestly Billie you and I have many of the same fears using a middle man for our online service and I promise you they are not Pictage, far far from it. You don't have anything to worry about!

                      From complete control including controling the email they send out to your clients, to allowing them to control everything and every step in between you can do it with this new software! It really is exciting. I used the new beta version tonight to upload an order, it was fast, simply and very easy to use. Everything your use to now but 10 times better!
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                        Gee, with pictage they get interest from my money for a month or so, then pay me. One week sounds alot better.


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                          Thanks for the link, Mike. THis is intersting. I've been looking for something that
                          is big enough for clients to look at and use easily. This is nice. Can you or Mike comment any more? HOw do clients like it? What are they saying? Thanks..


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                            The customers love the site. I have had many brides comment on how much better their wedding site was than others they have seen from friends that have gotten married. They particurally like how the images are organized so they can get to what they are looking for. Family, Wedding Party, Reception, Etc.

                            Also, I advertise on the knot and the knot and collages have parterned which offers a free prize for us.

                            Michael Barrett- Forever Odd


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                              I gave Pictage a try earlier this year. I can't tell you how disappointed I was all the way around. Web site is slow (uploading and viewing). The print quality was poor. Turnaround time was horrible. It took me over a month (twice) to receive two separate orders.

                              I cancelled my service then called my rep to find out the status on the order (one month late orders) that I placed while I had the account open. She told me that she could not help me since my account was closed. I said that all I wanted to do was check on the status of the order. She said that my account was closed and she did not have access to my order numbers any longer. I was very upset. So I called back immediately and asked the CSR that answered the main number for the order number. She quickly gave it to me. I then sent the order number to my rep by e-mail and I received this response:

                              If you received the order numbers from customer service are they helping you with the issues? I don’t want to spend the time looking into these order numbers for you if someone else is helping you.

                              Let me know."

                              I gave them six months. Maybe my expectations were high since they have an impressive list of clients.