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  • Do you go to the rehearsal?

    Something I started several years ago was attending the rehearsal. I was wondering do anyone else does this? Yes, it's a hassle sometimes because I want to do other things like go out dinner with my hubby. But, I can not tell you how valuable that 1-2 hours is especially they way I do weddings.

    Here is what I do at the rehearsal.
    -Introduce myself as the photographer to the bridal party, family, coordinator (church or hired), and wedding official (Pastor, Judge, Reverend or Father).
    -Watch first hand the run through so I know where everyone is and exactly where it will be happening.
    -I give pointers on how to light the unity candle, where and how to center yourself at the alter, remind bridal party to walk slow, smile, and look -up, hold for an extra second on the lighting of the unity candle, the kiss, and when the Bride and Groom are announced.
    -I walk through the cake cutting so I don't have to "tell them what to do" while they are cutting the cake and where to stand so I get the best angle.
    -I talk to the Bridal party about swinging or swaying during the ceremony to prevent motion blur. And I tell them to just to shift their weight rather than locking their knees to prevent fainting.
    -I talk to the church to make sure I can move things, wander around the church, and whether flash is or is not permissible.
    -I tell the bridal party when to be at the church usually 30mins prior to photos starting and the family can arrive an hour later.
    -I tell the family when and where we are doing the family portraits and answer any questions they may have.

    On occasion, I have actually coordinated the wedding itself because no one knew what to do and where to stand. Which I find to be fun, anyway. I just thought you fellow wedding photogs might like this idea or have any tidbits that you do to.

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    Stopped going to these years ago. I can get all the info I need between the one week preconsultation and asking a few ???'s on the day.


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      I don't go to my Fri. nights free, to spend with my hubby and 3 1/2 year old daughter...especially when my day is booked Sat. I just make sure to be thorough in my pre-consultations and wedding day I find that people need reminded of things...even if they have been previously arranged.


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        I have never gone to a rehearsal unless its paid in advance. I usually meet with my brides about two different times before the wedding. If they have a bridal portrait or/and engagment session, we may cover any details of the wedding day. I also talk to them at least twice on the phone at some point before the wedding....just to check in. I get all church info prior to the wedding day. Not willing to give up my Friday nights at home with the kids.


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          Not me, never. I think the rehearsal is a privite event where the people get to know one another, not much to shoot and I am more of an intrusion than anything.

          Thats what I tell the brides that have asked. Out of the 500+ weddings I've done I have only been asked maybe 10 times. I don't believe that I have ever lost a wedding because I don't.

          Besides, I am not going to give up my Friday weddings or Friday with the family.

          Michael Barrett- Forever Odd


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            I go quite frequently....all shots are done pj...only for bigger packages..and I eat and have fun....I figure this gives me another chance to meet the single bridesmaids and their significant others and especially since virtually no one else in this area does it I find it to my advantage...but they do have to feed me and I feel free to leave at any time...on several occasions I have done a collage if the festivities...printed on Epson 4000 and mounted and matted for the reception....


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              Never go, Only asked one time, had a personal call from the pastor whom I knew, he was having some disagreement from the bride, I went to help the pastor and he actually helped myself. The bride wanted candlelight only, everything was worked out, that was years ago though . Bob


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                I don't have to go. I do because I want to. I actually love weddings, which I know is crazy after shooting them for nearly 19 years. I got started doing weddings with Allen Ross, a photographer from my hometown in North Dakota. I started out as his assistant and my love for photography blossomed from there.

                I find that the rehearsals help me to get into that wedding frame of mind. The more time I spend with the couple, I learn about them. Granted, I do get all of the details prior to the wedding in our final consultations as well. But there is just something about the rehearsals that open the wedding up for me, and I just wanted to share that.


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                  I can't imagine NOT going to the rehearsal. I just returned from a rehearsal over an hour away . . .and so glad I DID go. The bride has a white canopy on the alter that's LIT!!!! I was able to play around with camera settings in advance to know exactly how I was going to shoot to get proper exposure.

                  In addition . . .it gives me an opportunity to become more aquainted with the bride & groom as well as the wedding party & immediate family. When I arrive on the wedding day, I know everyone's names and all the players . . .makes things go so much more smoothly.

                  Kind Regards


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                    Originally posted by Jessica Lamb
                    Yes, it's a hassle sometimes because I want to do other things like go out dinner with my hubby.
                    You hit the reason on the head right there. Only I prefer going out with my wife

                    We went to a rehearsal during our first wedding. Not again. Waste of my time.

                    I have been to only a very few weddings where the pastor or the coordinator was incompetent (as far as running a wedding). I am a photographer. Sure we act like a coordinator sometimes, but we are not being paid to do that.

                    I don't need to scope out the site at all. Our skills are honed enough that we can get good ideas in minutes and of course we do several repeat churches. That is one advantage to having to photogs. Whoever is covering the guys has some time to look around, since they aren't there yet


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                      I wouldn't miss one....ever....when I do, it's just not the the final consultation, I take a list of both immediate families and the wedding party.....also ask for other important people that may not be in either of those groups....I memorize that list and then put faces with the names on Friday night....

                      I'm also checking my settings and have thougth about making a cheat book the way pro golfers do.....ever see then pull a book outta their back pocket and check notes for distances???? Why not use that at a wedding??? Altar is 4.0 at a 15th....400....that way you concentrate on the photos and people instead of messing with a camera.

                      Also....I can stand and look through the camera, call someone by name and ask them to move one way or the other and tell them how much without ever leaving the camera....formals get done a lot faster and that makes everyone happier.

                      It's a personal service.....I think the service should be personal and planned.....
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                        Tell do you tell someone's story without getting all the pieces?

                        Guess that's really what this comes down to......are you telling their story or taking pictures at a wedding?


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                          Originally posted by Billie London-Khan
                          I can't imagine NOT going to the rehearsal....
                          I agree. For me it's a must even if I've shot in the same place before. I just can't imagine not being fully prepared.


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                            I am so glad to hear that others do this for the same reasons I do. I did have one photog say to me, "Aren't you a professional? What do you need to go the rehearsal for?". I just quipped back "It's because I am a professional that I go to rehearsals. You don't create the images I do by just showing up." I think he thought I was being snobbish, because his question was intended to embarrass me. I shrugged it off though. Plus, this is also a photographer that is beating his head against the wall to get bookings.


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                              Jessica, you're right on the money. For me it's like doing homework, or studying for an exam. To do my best work I need to be prepared.