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To sexy for a Bridal Show Pic?

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  • To sexy for a Bridal Show Pic?

    Should I enlarge this image from Sunday's bridal session and use it for a Bridal Show coming up, or is it too sexy to display and/or do you think it would put off an incorrect image? I am thinking it is somewhat sexy yet romantic, at least that was what I was going for when taken and processed, but I want to hear some other pro's thoughts on the subject if possible.

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    No, it is very eyecatching. Use it.
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      What's wrong with it?? I think it's a good shot, would have been proud to take it and display it.


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        Use it; It screams UNCLE JOE DOESN'T WORK HERE!



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          Use it. It is definitely different and will draw attention.


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            Thank you I think I will go with it, here are a few more from the session. By no means our best either, just the first card I have gone through. This was one of those sessions where everytime you click the shutter you seemed to get something worth using. Some of the stuff is a little "outthere" so I do not expect everyone to like it but non-the-less it was all fun to capture and work with this bride.






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              I really like #4.


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                I have to agree with #4 being a good one to go large. The first "sexy" one will look good, I just wouldn't go really large.

                I don't think it is too sexy and I am very conservative and careful about things like that.


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                  I agree strongly with what has been already said, however (more for those not posting and reading) I wish to add......

                  I have had several brides that hired us over the photographer they first decided to go with (they forfieted their deposits with the prior photogs)
                  because too much clevage was shown from the angle the photographer used during the engagement session

                  I was "led to belive" that all the images were done from a step ladder looking down into
                  and the brides were put off by it and came to us
                  In every case we found out this was why after we had done the wedding
                  at first consult they just said they had a lack of communication between them and the prior photographer

                  Choice is an awesome thing and here you provided the young lady with many great choices - I really like the comment "Uncle Joe does Not work here"

                  I think the other prase I heard at PPLA Winer seminar was "It ain't Ya Moma's wedding"
                  it screams to us, that we need to get out of the old molds
                  and do things different - many in our profession are and we see a lot of that talent here in Pro4Um


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                    Really nice images !! great use of light.. the only thing I would do is remove the dark spot on her chin.. if she lets you !! I have had some brides that want the "beauty marks" left on the finished image... very nice work !!!! I have done a few bridal boudoir shots.. it's a way to separate us from the amateurs and also gets me more than my fair share of the really attractive brides who want to do this sort of work.
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                      AWESUME IMAGES!!!!

                      Y'all have seen my senior stuff....and my MODEL know that if a bride wanted me to do this kind of thing..I would do it....BUT...for some my area....this is SO LOOKED DOWN ON....

                      I think what you did here is truly BEAUTIFUL!!!! But...I think they would carry me out on a rail if I did this.

                      Redheaded Johnson


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                        I'm with everyone else....GREAT...GREAT Work!!! This should seperate you from the rest of the world!...and you should be able to charge more for this kind of photography.

                        Redheaded Johnson


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                          I agree - this is eye catching. I would definitely use it.



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                            WOW thanks everybody for the honest responses, one of the reason I enjoy a pro forum.

                            To answer a few questions:

                            Yes we enjoy shooting this way, we always get the traditional shots but when the chance arises we get some "outside the box" shots also. I enjoy tilting, unique depth of field, strong ratio of fill flash and using natural backgrounds as the settings of the images. These images are truely "me" so I was planning on using them, however as stated before I wanted to hear what other professionals felt, even if I do or do not agree with you all I think it is very valuable information and allows you to open up and see another point of view. Also I feel sometimes we get in a rut by seeing so many photographs that sometimes we miss the simple things, yet another reason to post on a forum of this quality.

                            We just feel in love with the room most of these were photographed in, the colors, the lights, the mood, everything just made this session one of our favorite of all time. Now that I have had time to go through a few more images, I think this shows through them as well.

                            Now to raise my prices, which we were planning on doing this next month anyways


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                              hey mike,

                              where was #4 taken? Looks right out of Weddings in Houston magazine