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  • groom getting away

    what is the deal with this pose? its so popular and often requested. to me.....if i was the bride i would feel insulted. what do you all think?
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    I have never had to shoot the silly posed candid whatever you call 'ems! I make sure my brides know what they are in for. If thats what they are looking for they won't come to me.


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      I've only done this once. Actually it was backwards with the guys dragging him out of the restroom. I don't ask my couples what they want...I always tell them they can give me a list, and they usually don't.


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        Never done it , never will.

        It is sorta like the shoving cake picture. THat one I will take, but sometimes I tell brides and grooms what my wife said to me on our wedding day. " If you shove the cake in my face, I'll divorce you on the spot."



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          I never knew anybody did this! That's sad!


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            hmmm.......maybe its an east texas kind of thing


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              They do it down here...MOSTLY with younger brides and grooms....

              Redheaded Johnson


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                I have seen it. Think it is corny.

                If I would you I would just say no. It speaks of your photographic style. I would not want people to see this and say - "Oh that is the photographer that does that fake pose crap."

                I could see someone saying that. And I think it is bad PR.



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                  Back when I got married (1982 in NJ) this pose was still popular (but my husband didn't do this photo!). Another one was of the best man pointing at his watch and checking the time, with the groom looking on. Sort of went out with those double-exposure trick photography images.



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                    I hate it. We only do it if requested.


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                      I did that in the early years! Then I grew up! Bob


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                        The studio I first worked for had one where the bride and groom would embrace with his back to the camera, so all you would see is his back with one of her arms around him and she was kind of looking over his shoulder at the camera, holding the marriage license and winking... the idea was, "Look! I done caught me a man!!!"


                        They would also take a shot of the bride and groom's shoes in the hallway outside a hotel room with the "do not disturb" sign on the door... I never could figure that one out -- why would they leave their shoes in the hall?


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                          Geeeeeeeeeeezzzz! Come on people, sure its corny and dumb but if the groom requests the picture, are you gonna tell him you wont do it - whos paying the bill here? Put the pix in a corner of one of the composite pages.


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                            Y'all lighten up.......................I've shot it several times. The people that request it have seen it in another brides book and think it looks fun. I don't have any problems with that shot or any other cornball shots that some people want. It's their wedding.

                            It's not any different than every other posed shot..... first dance,cake, garter, bouquet........and down here everyone wants the Money Dance.
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                              I havent yet had to do that shot, but I have had the ol 'looking at the watch' shot requested.

                              If someone requests that cornball crap, I'd do it. If someone mentions it when we're first meeting with the bride, I try to let them know that its a fairly dated shot and nobody does it anymore. That usually takes care of it.

                              Honestly, the type of client that wants that cornball crap generally fits into the price range of the people we no longer service. It hasnt been an issue since weve raised our prices.