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Family of four plus dog

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  • Family of four plus dog

    I don't consider family portraits a strength of mine, so I thought I'd try to get some CC from a recent session since the family portrait/holiday season will be here in no time.
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    To me they seem to be squinting? Are they looking into a bright area behind you? I like the way you have the people on varing heights.
    the dog could be a little bit farther away from the little girl but dogs are tough.


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      dad's nose looks huge probablt because the way the highlight is on it
      he probably does have a large nose so deminish it by shaping the light by either moving him or the light/reflector

      guess is it was light frontal with a large reflector that is causing a bit of squint

      the fact that you got the image with a family or four and a dog is not lost on me
      challenging situation


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        I would straighten the horizon. Unless you are doing a tilt for an effect - and in that case it should be more severe. Straightening the horizon will also made Dad appear taller and that is always a good thing.

        Unfortunately their clothing is all over the place. Lights, darks, patterns. next time try to keep in one key and solids if possible.

        To improve THIS photo, I would straighten it and vignette it significantly.


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          Thanks so much for the comments. It's funny - the main thing that bothers me about this image has not been mentioned - the fact that the dog is blown out on the top of his head and leg.

          As for squinting - yes - I agree, particularly with the dad. This was one of the least squinty shots of him and at that I've removed the furrowed brow and liquified his mouth to a bit more of a grin than originally there. I think he either has a squinty smile or really didn't enjoy being there!

          Dad's nose does look big, but I hadn't noticed it because, well, it looks like it did in real life. The lighting was just natural light under a tree with open sky behind me, which could have caused the squint. Would it have been better to turn them so the light was falling across them more to create some shadows?

          Horizon - I hadn't even noticed it appears tilted! It's actually a hill - you can see the tree is going straight up, but if the viewer doesn't realize it's a hill you're right, it looks crooked. When I first read read your comment, I though that rotating it would make the people look like they were leaning over, but I tried it and that's not the case - they look fine.

          Thanks again for the comments! It's very helpful to hear others' opinions


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            Almost forgot - the clothing.
            They were advised on what to wear and this is what they chose. This is not what I advised!
            Not much I can do about that .