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    I'm relatively new to weddings and I was trying to backlight this couple. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do next time to make this image better, I'd appreciate it!

    Info: Natural light, 200 ISO, 1/750, F6.7
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    Turn the photo upside down, and look away from it. Glance at it, then glance away, noting where your eye went first.

    Repeat a few times.

    Mine went to the fountain and the spray of water. Most others will as well, as it's the brightest and darkest sections next to each other. If you want to make this a photo of the B&G, make them stand out in some way, instead of blending in.


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      Using a fill flash would have helped to bring the couple out.


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        Thanks to you both! The flash I realized would have been helpful and was kicking myself that it was in the car on my other camera. But I didn't know the trick about turning it upside down... I'll have to remember that!!


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          Fluff the dress out before you take this. That is killing this photo. Either get down lower when taking it or get higher so the couple separates from the background better. This photo anyway would be better in B&W or sepia I think.


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            Why are you shooting from a standing height?

            If you were to get up higher, you could have centered the couple's dip in the pool. Framed them with the wall of the pool. Move to your left, so you can get rid of the fountain. Just have the pool behind them. Sooo many options here. Then going to a watercolor would have been killer. man, I gotta find me one of these. Time to go to another forum.

            If you wanted to backlight them, you should have truely done so. Go for the silolete (can't spell tonight).

            I won't even ask why you left gear in your car. <smack!>


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              Have you tried making this bw and bring the couple back in in color? that might help them stand out or vice versa and make the couple bw?


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                Thank you all. ALL good points. I should mention that I was the second shooter, and that's why my angle was a bit off. The primary was the one controling the shoot, so I was trying to get my shots where I could.

                Anyway, is this one any better? I'm going back to play with the first to see if there's any way I can impliment your suggestions.
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