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daughters new car

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  • daughters new car

    Trying to get comfortable going outside. Comments appreciated.
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    I like the use of angles.....I would work on posing.....turn her 3/4 and bring one knee to the other will be mor slimming and flatter her.....


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      I agree, the angles are nice. A basic rule of posing is that women should be turned to slim down the figure. While breaking rules is fine, it's important to know when those rules can be broken. On larger subjects, posing girls squarely to the camera is never flattering.

      Nice car


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        I too, like the angles, except with water.
        Kirk K.


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          the third image simply having had her cross her feet
          left over right would have improved this dramaticly


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            Another thing that would help slim down the subject is to move her closer to the car. Standing squarely so far away gives the illusion she's half the size of the car.


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              Here's a couple possible improvements.

              First you open the driver's door and put her behind it.....with her right arm resting on the roof and one foot in the car.

              Second, for a more feminine look, have her stand on the passenger side of the car so she can comfortably rest both her arms on the car and lay her head on that's how she probably feels about the car.

              What you REALLY should be asking is: do you want the car to be a prop....or a secondary subject? And that will help you determine her position to the car and it's size and relative importance in the image.

              If you're doing a portrait, she's the an ad for the car....the car is the subject.


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                One more thing: Your lighting and location choices are excellent as well as the camera angles!