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    I see a lot of beautiful images on the Pro4Um, and wanted to see if I'm getting good enough to enter competition. What would I need to do to make this worthy of competition?
    Either shooting or editing.
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    You cannot give a judge any reason to hate your image. And esp. if you are going to compete in the "WEDDING" category...these guys are people like me, who have been photographing wedding since they were kids!!!! Any little thing...just one little thing...and they will chop your score down and you will wonder what in the world you did wrong.

    Look at the RED circles...these are things that are distracting.....the sun on the bench...the branch growing out the side of the image. Sure, you could fix this in PS....but it better be perfect or they will count points off for that too......

    Notice the purple X......your subjects are "Compositionally" right down the middle....they are not going to like this either. CUSTOMERS LOVE THIS....competition HATE IT!!!

    Notice the GREEN tic tac toe.......this circled areas are the POWER POINTS....your subject should fall in those areas..........this will make for a more powerful image.

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING....I hope you do not take this as I did not like your image......I's just if you are going to play the competition game you need to be prepared....they are brutal!!!!

    Kirk Voclain
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    Redheaded Johnson


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      Thanks, Kirk. I'll keep those things in mind when I shoot.


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        Even cropping this would make a better competition print.
        The problems with competition and making money. They seem to be different ends of the spectrum unless you highly educate your customers.
        The wedding photos I thought were the greatest were remarked on, but not worth purchasing. They wanted the standard face the camera Mommy shots.
        The magazines liked the greatest shots and they are good for advertising and showing off. But they seem to not be worth much to my customers. Maybe it is my customers or my teaching?
        You have to do both.


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          Good point.
          Thanks for the input.


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            Great points. Nice image by the way Guy thanks for posting it