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  • Would love cc on this please

    Out of the blue a lady contacted me with 4 snapshots of her husband catching a sailfish in Galveston. She said she wanted something to go over the fireplace of their beach house there, mentioned painting and collage, so I thought I'd combine the two, then turn it into one of those inspirational poster type thingy's.

    Honest opinions please? Does it suck?
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    I doesn't seem to make sense, like it takes a couple of seconds to figure what is going on.



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      I agree with Jesse.

      But, the colors are gorgeous (I know that was you and not her snapshots. LOL).

      I think you're definitely on to something.

      Since you can't really see the fish, maybe focus more on him reeling it in. I don't know what shots you're working with, but the bottom right image where he's kind of turned looks really good. Could you focus on it more?


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        this part on the upper right looks like water is coming over the bow and the boat is sinking!!! Doesn't makes sense that he would be wade fishing way offshore!!!


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          The snaps aren't much to work with, but I'm trying because I really need this sale. lol
          She gave me 4 snaps, so my next choice is to crop all 4 square and try to sell her on 4 square canvas' to hang in a square, or standouts or something.
          These are what I have to work with:
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            I like number 2 the best...Too bad he is cutoff on the rt hand side....Your colors are really nice.....I hope you are getting paid for your ideas and "proofs"....

            Maybe think about bringing the jumping fish from #1 to #2 and making the fish bigger!!!
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              Stacy, given what you started with...I say WOW...The two things I might adjust would be...the water in the upper left seems very out of place along the sky......maybe have it be sky all the way across...almost like the viewer is in the boat looking out...then piece the boat images together so they look like one boat (stern/bow...don't know my boat terms)...but the man is still repeated in various locations...maybe fish on each side of the boat...I love what you did with the texture and the vibrancy...


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                I like the poster idea, but maybe combine #1 with #2. Get the fish a bit closer to the boat, LOL.



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                  Instead of one collage combine of many images, maybe showcase two together in separate images to be hung together (dyptich?) Like focus in on the Swordfish jumping as a 10x20 and then the next on is his back with the pole as a 10x20. The mind will fill in the gap and it's a creative way of using both (the essence of the catch). The sizes I quotes are just suggestions, but each should be the same size, and then hung together with a minor gap (1-2")

                  I do love your painting work and your color saturation. But maybe that would an artistic suggestion of use. I've attached a visual of a totally unrelated thing but to kind of express my thought, and I know it's a tryptich, but you get the general idea. I also know it's one image cut apart, but you can use two different images to tell the story.
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                    Nicole !!
                    that is a idea I never though of !! I use that with other things



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                      Beautiful colors, and it would be great, but sadly, it doesn't make sense.

                      Nicole's idea is definitely an idea (and a great way to sell more prints).

                      Another idea would be to make it a long and skinny, like a 1x2 format or a 1x3 format.

                      Good luck and I look forward to see what you do next!

                      I LOVE my lab, H&H!