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Head sizing in PS 6

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  • Head sizing in PS 6

    Have to do a LOT of passport photos for a client. How do I size the head (1 1/4") within a 2x2 image?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Head sizing in PS 6

    I could be wrong?? But I think you are going to have to adjust for the "head size" in the camera. Then useing the CROP TOOL, you can tell it 2 inches x 2 inches and xxx DPI. Then all you do is drag it and POP, it's sized to 2x2x whatever dpi.

    These setting are found on the tool bar at the top when you select the crop tool.



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      Re: Head sizing in PS 6

      I shoot the head kind of small in the camera, then open in PS, make a 2x2 inch frame, set the guide lines for 1 1/4 inches, then transform (ctrl T) make head the right size and then enter. Copy and paste as many as you want or need or can get on a sheet, then go to print. I also make little marks in the corner of the print to show me where to cut. One could just make the background of the paper a color, while pasting the 2x2 images on it.

      Be careful, I had a Pass Port photo rejected because it was 1/16 of an inch to big!!!!


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        Re: Ok, the pictures are up from my first wedding.


        Try a program from

        called Thumbsplus it will allow you to batch rotate and even post images in groups on pages to the web much faster than the adobe method you are using now !

        One hint of posing of hands.....

        have the lady drain her veins before photographing her hands

        just have her raise the left hand above her heart

        it will flatten the veins.

        Steven Lott