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    Could anyone explain how to place several different wallet size images on 1 piece of photo paper for me? I want to size several yearbook photos to 2.5x3.5 and then print them on the same sheet of paper in my Fuji Pictography.Would I do this in Photoshop or do I need a special program? Thanks So Much for any ideas! Eric Wordal

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    Re: multipleimageson 1page

    Eric if you want them exactly 2.5x3.5, here is what I do. Size each image to 2.5x3.5 ant 300dpi. Then on first one I change the canvas size to 7 x 10 and place the image in the top left corner. Then with the move tool click on the next image and drag it to the 7x10 canvas and line it up next to the first. Then just repeat until the page is full. Thats how I set up my Yearbook glossies.

    If you just want something for customers to sellect from, put all the images in one folder and use Photoshops contact sheet.

    Hope that helps!


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      Re: Cliff does like I do sometimes, but

      when you creat the 10x7 page.... pull the grids down out of the edges... turn on snap to edges and guides..........

      When you click and drag from other images... it will line up much faster...

      So many different ways..... also try the contact sheet deal in PS... never used it..... only played.....

      Don Rogers


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        Re: Hey, that's why I sent mine in Airborne....

        Like I said, there's always next year.



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          Re: See, now there's the difference between....


          The most expensive course in our area on a weekend is $75, most are in the $45 to $59 range, that's with a cart! I got the after 12:00 rate, before 12:00 it was $48. Weekday rates with cart is anywhere from $26 to $35.....then with coupons, discount cards it's cheap, cheap, cheap!

          Ken Long