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  • Removing Braces

    I had a senior place an order this week and wanted her braces removed. We have this on our price list but rearely sell it because its kinda expensive. But she wanted it.

    Anyway, after struggling with one pose in photoshop for a while, I thought "I wish I just had another set of teeth to drop into her mouth". You know, it's so hard to get the shading right and make them look natural.

    Well....Why not. I used the clone tool to make her teeth look as good as I could in a reasonable amount of time. Then I copied teeth from another senior girl in a similar pose and pasted them into a new layer.

    Then I used Free Transform to make them line up as close as possible to the original teeth. Next I erased the lips & gums from the layer with the borrowed teeth, reduced the opacity to about 60% and changed the layer option from "normal" to "luminosity".

    This put the most natural looking highlights and shaddows on the original teeth. I erased anything that didn't look right from the borrowed teeth and added a softening layer.

    Well, I was happy and this took less time than my usual tedious method with the cloning tool.

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    Here are the results


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      How do you price it?

      I have a girl who also wants her braces removed.

      Your technique looks like it works great.

      Question is: How are you pricing this type of retouching?

      Thanks for your ideas and your help.



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        My Braces photo


        Check out my photo on page two of the Poll Kirk started about "Which Lens do You Use Most?" There is a photo of a girl in a pink sweater and she has braces on the upper and lower teeth. I am racking my brain about trying to find another photo of a girl with the same expression. Your technique looks like a great way to correct the braces thing.

        Maybe Kirk can come up with a "Teeth" exchange like he did on the price list and the templates. We could all exchange "Teeth" shots. Well, maybe.


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          Teeth Exchange! Great Idea!

          We are charging $50 per pose. My lab will do it for about $20 so worst case scenerio I still make $30.


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            Lets not carry this body parts exchange thing to far. We as photographers might put the Power House Gym people out of business.


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              Great suggestion JOEL!!

              Redheaded Johnson


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                Thanks Kirk!


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                  Ok, there, big take that liquify tool and open up that left eye just a little and give her the extra stuff she deserves! That is not only a great idea about using another set of teeth -- you gave us a great way to blend them for realism!

                  Way to go, Buddy!!!!!


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                    The smudge tool works well also and is less work.


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                      Try the smudge tool

                      Take one of your images with braces and try this.

                      1. lasso the mouth area and copy and paste so that you're not affecting the original image area.

                      Work only on your new layer so that you can turn it off and on and see your work. You can flatten later if you like it.

                      2. Work on the top set first. Take your lasso tool and select around the bottom edge of the top teeth. Now use your smudge tool and starting from the top of the teeth above the braces, smudge the tooth color down over the braces. You can just smudge right on down because it will stop where you have selected the bottom edge.

                      This works great on the front teeth and any where you have some tooth area to work with. The back teeth you may have to clone some color in first and then smudge. You will find you get a better, smoother looking job in a fraction of the time. Once you try this a few times you won't go back to trying to clone over the braces again.
                      Wes Siebe


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                        As info, you can turn off those dancing ants if you like while you work!! This makes it easier to see!!

                        JUST DO THIS:

                        VIEW>EXTRAS or just hit CTRL+H



                        PS: don't forget to turn it back on again or you will be wondering WHY IN THE WORLD CAN'T I DO ANYTHING.
                        Redheaded Johnson


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                          I've never tried using the smudge tool to remove braces. We have always used the clone tool in lighten mode to wipe them away, selecting from a good part of the tooth and then just lighten the bands till it blends in with the rest of the tooth. Quick and easy.


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                            As the saying goes, "Try It, You'll Like It"