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Sine we're on keyboard shortcuts.....

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  • Sine we're on keyboard shortcuts.....

    Ok, since everyone got all excited about the Caps Lock thing.....let me throw something out there that I learned from one of Scott Kelby's books just the other day.....

    Have you ever been workin in PS and all of a sudden all your tools and pallets disappear? That has happened to me and I thought I would lose my mind getting them all to show again.....and after I had them set just right on the second monitor.........

    Seems that this "feature" is set up for those still using a single can hit this and the tools disappear and then hit it again and the tools reappear!......

    It's the TAB key......when you hit it all the tools hide.....then hit it again and they simple yet sooooo frustrating!!!!!

    I know....half of you will say.....duhhhhhh!!! and you're right!!!!
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    Hey we could have a whole new area.....

    Let's call it: "I felt like an idiot when...." LOL


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      I only use a single monitor so I can fortunately say that I have never had that mind-numbing problem. But I do have a question at the opposite end of the spectrum - a tool pallet that you can't get rid of. The other day while working primarily in Quark 4.1, the PS tools would come up on the screen, apparently after PS was the last program used. Even after Quark was closed, the pallet would show on the desktop, but could never be used or closed. Any ideas anyone?
      By the way, great tip, Rick; I left you some more karma to add to your growing pile just because this seems like something that will help a lot of people.


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        Rick, This will be a great help!!!!!!!!! I am still working on a one 17" monitor and those tool boxes sometimes get in the way! So the tab key to get them out of the way will save alot of time!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks Rick!


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          I'm glad I could help, Karen Anne!...Shawn, I have no idea except that when mine starts to lock up, it does weird things like that.....that's about the time I reboot and try again! I hope someone has an answer for you!!!!

          And Dude, thanks for the Karma!!!!! Right back attcha!!!!


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            OK, here are some more tips:

            If you are using PS to display images to your clients, you may not want all those palettes and windows cluttering up your screen. You could press TAB, but any other open windows and anything on your desktop will still be visible.

            Press the F key. Don't like gray around your image? Press F again--now it's black. Want it back to normal? Press F again.

            Want to run an action on only some of the files in a folder? Let's say 57 files out of 465 need to be brightened a little and saved to a different folder. You could segregate those images to a separate folder and then run a batch action on them. You could open them all (!) and run a batch action on them.

            But with PS7, you can highlight the offending files in the browser and run a batch action on them. I don't know about you, but I think anything that saves me time is way cool!

            Let me know if you want more.