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  • Looking for Painter artist

    We're looking for an artist to do painterly effects on children portraits. My wife Sue and I just can't get the hang or it and want someone to do that part of the portrait process. Along the line of what Helen Yancy does. I know there are many out there that do their own portraits. Anyone out there offer those services? Thanks

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    Sent PM to you


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      did you try Cheri McCallum, a member here?


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        Richard, thanks
        Tim, wasn't sure if she did it for others.


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          i second on cheri...just drop her a pm...



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            I was in a bind. I had a customer and we agreed on a 48x60 canvas with painterly look and he needed it for his anniversary and a July 4th party. I didn't want to deal with someone else doing the Painting, a separate lab doing the printing, someone doing the stretching, etc. I sent the file off to Benjamin Studios in Atlanta. They did the painter work, sent us an 8x10 proof of each head (and there were 5 of them), made the changes I wanted, did the print on canvas, put it on stretcher board, shipped it up to my customer. I wanted the family, in the foreground, to have less of a painter look, but the background, which had a reasonable amount of detail I wanted included, to look more painterly. They pretty much got it right. My framer framed it the same day. I was at party at my customer's home and I could hear many positive comments about it.

            Benjamin Studios is an option if you want someone who can handle a project like that. One of the things I liked about them is they hire artists (not photographers) and teach them Painter because Painter comes to them more naturally than a photographer. Thank you Wayne and Benjamin, my contacts there!

            -David Schneider


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              Yep, Cheri.

              I also do it, but I'm not near as good as Cheri, and she also prints for you too, which I can't.
              I so suck! I need to get better and get a big printer! LOL


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                Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone else out there?


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         is Cheri's website.