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    Is there any way in photoshop to get the same effect as a star filter. We like to have a few of these for our wedding coverage and whenever we do a senior with candles. I guess I could still use a filter, but I would prefer to do it in photoshop if possible.

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    Although there may be an easy way to add stars with PS, all of the ways I know of are a lot more work than just sticking the filter in front of the lens---so that's how I do it.

    With candles, you know you will do this shot, so why make extra work?

    Incidently, if your star filter lowers the contrast in your image because of flare, just give it a little boost with curves (or levels) and you can make it match the other photos and the stars will remain.


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      Thanks Ray,
      I was hoping there was an easy way to add it after the fact if I didn't use the filter. I guess that's not to be. Thanks for the reply
      Ray Sander


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        I think one of the versions of Nik filters will do this.

        Check out the NIK filter discusion at.......


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          I think Andromeda makes an Adobe Plugin that will give you this and many other lighting effects......Scatterlight is the one you are looking for.....They also have Verifocus and many other fine plugins!

          Try that.....
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            Thanks to all for all of the suggestions. The andromedia plug in looked pretty good - I liked the soft focus and diffuser in addition to the star filter
            Ray Sander


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              You could also create a layer mask with the mask having the star effects in it.. then put special lighting techniques into the layer.

              I usually end up making a lot of custom brushes.


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                Yea you can just use the filter like you did with film.
                I still use my soft focus filters and star filters with digital.
                Saves me a ton of time.


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                  Ray, I am not saying that anyone prior to my note is incorrect and I didn't read the last few. There is a great brush # 188 I think it is. So after selecting the brush, make a new layer. and choose what size of sparkle you wish. And make it. Then rotate that layer and do the cross star again on top of the one you have done so now they are 8 points. Now you can copy that layer over and over and position. AND if you make a PSD file and save it you will from then on be able to just drag that sparkle layer to any image and size it for the candles.


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                    I have a tutorial on this, but it's on my other computer. I do it all the time w/candles, etc, when I forget to pull out that star filter. Will try to remember to look tomorrow, orjust email me [email protected] and remind me...