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numbering get messed up?

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  • numbering get messed up?

    I am using Kirk's Catalog for my proofs w/ S2 camera. When I go into Photoshop, I renumber using the batch. I choose my cust number + 1 digit serial # + extension.

    Then my order gets all messed up when it prints my catalog. I understand why the order is messed up, just wondering if there is a way to make it come out correct in shooting order???

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Gary, I'm not sure about Kirks Catalog, but in Contact Sheet, P.S. lays them out in the order they where saved to the folder.
    Hope that helps


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      I use ultra rename 2000 to strip off the letters, then it adds in a single letter that tells me if it was a nikon of fuji camera. Then I add a auto number group in thousands to the front. It leaves me with a nicely tracable file name that is grouped by event sequences.


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        I figured it out.... If you save with 3 numbers (003) then it keeps them in perfect order... Thanks for all your help!