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  • New - Creative Photoshop Splash Paint Brushes

    Photoshop Splash Paint Brushes - includes many sets of brushes in various categories, with 2,500 brushes overall. See video on the sale page for examples of creative ways to use them. Introductory price $30.

    License - I wrote to the maker for clarification of the TOU. Here is his reply:
    You can use the brushes in whatever commercial way you want to use them. For anything. The only thing you cannot do is re-sell the brushes.
    Gavin Phillips

    NOTE: one thing I’ve discovered in the past few years is that the license/TOU for Photoshop assets can vary. I was dismayed to find some things I’d purchased in the past only allowed use on images for sale to portrait/wedding clients. Use for graphic design or on commercial images (wall decor, book covers for authors, etc.), was NOT allowed.

    So please check license/TOU for any future Photoshop add-ons you might consider purchasing. Also check TOU for any assets you currently own.
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    Thank you for posting!!!!
    Redheaded Johnson


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      Thanks Stanee.