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Quest. about file sizes & C1

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  • Quest. about file sizes & C1

    I'm not sure if this is the default setting because I don't remember ever setting it, but my file size in my C1 is set to process files at 8.64 wide and 12.94 high at 300dpi as a TIFF and scale says 100%. Is this right or should it be larger or something else? I know I've never messed with those settings but is that right?

    So this is essentially giving me an 8x12 in photo shop when I open it. Now if I want to size it bigger than this, what is the best or correct way? I have just been entering in my dimensions I need and cropping to whatever size I need and I always leave my dpi to 300. Is this right? For some reason I just noticed the dimensions at what they were coming out of C1 as and wondered if that was correct?

    Another question: I've heard if you size a larger portrait say 16x20 and above that you should leave the dpi blank and let the lab do the DPI?

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    Leslie, leave the file size at 100%. It doesn't matter if it's 300dpi or 72dpi, because 100% will process the image without reducing it. I would change it to jpeg instead of tiff though as the quality will be the same, but the file size will be much smaller. Most all labs want a jpg anyway, so this will save you some converting time.
    You're right, when you do the cropping leave the dpi blank so that the lab has the maximum amount of data to work with.
    Also, a lab can give you a great print up to 16x20 with a file size of 18mb when opened in Photoshop. More than that is just a bonus. The file you have probably opens in photoshop at around 34 mb.
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