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Thanks Julie!-Sylvie Painting

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  • Thanks Julie!-Sylvie Painting

    Last year I took this photo of Julies beautiful little girl, Sylvie. Julie was so nice to me and every one while we were at her home and studio for one of Nathan Gifford's workshops. Julie helped me SOOOOO much and I have been wanting to do this for her for some time. SO here is a BIG thank you to you Julie - you are one of the best out there and one of my BIG inspirations!!!!
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      oh kerri, i have goosebumps! you are so talented! You did a beautiful job painting, it is so light and soft! ok, i have to have it! too bad she is still snoozin cause now i want to go and squeeze her!


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        Thanks Julie It is all yours! I will get the disc in the mail today. I still have your address so you should have it in a few days. I will send a little print too


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            Wow, you did a great job!


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              Incredible work as usual Karrie!

              More info please...what brushes on which parts???


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                Awesome!! Love seeing images from the workshops.



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                  Yes, more info please. Julie do you have tutorials? I have been working on paintings. It does take some practice.

                  Beautiful painting Karre! Great job.



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                    Thanks every one.

                    I mostly used Den Oil Bristle Brush on this, so that is for skin, the dress and the chair. I used some funky chunky on the chair and to mess it up a little too. I think I used another Dens brush on the background - some kind of chunky blender from Dens along with funky chunky.

                    Julie helped me with photography. The workshop Nathan did was mainly with Lori Nordstrom but after that some other great photographers were teaching a ton, it was not a painting workshop. Julie was one of the photographers that was a huge help. She has an awesome studio off her house and is an amazing photographer.

                    The painting technique I use I learned from Darrell Chitty (he is on this forum) . He really helped me a TON. He teaches classes that will blow your mind away! He also has a group called the Dead Artist Society which I am a member of. If you want to know more about it feel free to email me or call - it is awesome and helping me make some real money from my paintings - I have a large art show planned in November
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