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Getting crappy results, it might be your lab!

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  • Getting crappy results, it might be your lab!

    Hey all,
    I've wanted to post this for a while but never got around to it.

    It occoured to me that there are alot of new Pro4um members and old alike that are struggling with the whole digital thing. I did too. Until I changed my lab.

    Full Color in Dallas (one of the Pro4um) sponsers helped me through the digital transition and is now helping me THRIVE with the technology.

    A GREAT portrait studio lab does MORE than print pretty picturses that you sell to your client. They are a PARTNER in your business. Just like you accountant and your attorney.

    I have been an EXTACTIC client of theirs for about 3 years now and there has never been an obsticle we can't cross together. If they have a problem with anything, they call me. If I have a problem with anything, I call them. Problem solved in EITHER case, each time and every time.

    If you have are getting irregular results, it may not be your camera, lights, meter or whatever. It could very well be your lab!

    I can HONESTLY say that I have never been happier with a lab and the timelieness, quality and lack of stupid problems I used to have with the handfull of other labs I used in the past.

    I guess this is basically a BIG thank you to eveyone at Full Color but a VERY STRONG reccomondation to anyone who feels like a "number" at their lab, getting less that THE VERY BEST results and or does not have a working RELATIONSHIP with their lab in the GROWTH of their business.

    THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE BIZ! Thanks to everyone at Full Color for making us LOOK GREAT each and every day!

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    Thank's for the kind comments. We truly appreciate your business.


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      you da man Steve

      Steve Pullin and Paul fuller are two of the best (and nicest guys) in the business



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        You're on the right track Robert!

        I believe you may be in the minority though. I would say that most photographers lack the serious technical knowledge about color balance, color space and what values make good skintones with digital capture. We all need to be like Gary Box.

        A great lab can make your business so much better though new products and fast service. Gone are the days that we can blame the lab for long production delays. I can send something tomorrow morning and get it UPS the next morning.

        Since we manage our own color, we are able to get a great price break on volume orders. We can cut our COGS by combining several orders together. Online ordering has made life faster and easier.

        We use Northwest Professional Color - another 4um sponsor.



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          I wanted to second what you said. Since I switched to Full Color 2 years ago I
          no longer have color issues. I know Steve and Paul very well and I am overwhelmed with the commitment they have to satisfying their clients and staying on top of the developments in the digital arena.


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            Let me say this I WAS A FULL COLOR CUSTOMER!! NOT NO MORE!!



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              Any reason Jes?


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                Full Color is one of the best things to happen to us. Daily color issues are a thing of the past. They are wonderful!!!